The handle


I saw the most beautiful video clip early this morning. It’s a sketch by Nicole Johnson on motherhood, with the most beautiful analogy ever. It is an excerpt from her book “The Invisible Woman – When Only God Sees”. The book is now on my wish list – a hint for my dearest husband who always read my blog and Lizelda who runs the bookshop 🙂

It made me think of the legacy of my mother in me. I have fond memories of her reading me stories from the children’s bible every night. She taught me to study the Word of God. She taught me to pray. She taught me to stubbornly trust God when nothing makes sense. I short, she gave me a handle to hold on to for the rest of my life. That handle is God.

Our new little girl did not have that. Church did not form part of her life up till now. She has been in a church twice so far, both times with us. We bought her a Bible. To her it is a strange book as she did not hear all the stories from a young age. She doesn’t yet have a handle to hold onto. She only has us, and that is not enough. We are her only hope right now, but she knows from experience that people are not good handles to hold on to. She has been failed too many times. When I told her last night that we have to go to children’s court today, she was petrified. Petrified of seeing her mother, father or grandmother. Petrified of the court taking her away from us. The raw fear on her face made me so sad. I could not comfort her with God, she doesn’t yet know that He will never fail her. We have a spiritual backlog of 15 years to deal with. For 15 years, no seeds have been sown. For 15 years, no stories have been told. For 15 years, no handle has been given.

How about you? Do you have a handle to hold on to? Are you close enough to your handle to hold on to it when times get tough? People may fail us but God will never fail us. He is the only constant in a world that is continually changing. He is the only handle worth holding on to.


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  1. Hi Hilda,

    Oh, what a precious legacy your mother left you. I like the stubborn trust she bequeathed to you. I think the invisible woman clip might be the one a blogger shared with me in her comment to my INVISIBLE WOMAN post (I had come up with that title after reading the novel):

    I don’t recall the name of the presenter but she wore all black..she was wonderful!!

    Since you ask readers about our own handle:

    You share your deep, sincere heart….blessings to you!! Xx


  2. Dear LORD , today I pray Your unsight and wisdom on Hilda , Dries and the court . Lord show that little girl how she can rely on You . May Your love be manifested to her through the love You put in Hilda and Dries’s hearts . Above all Lord , Your will be done . We pray this in the wonderful and glorious name of Jesus Christ , our Lord and Savior , amen and amen


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