My God is bigger than my chaos


Life is tough.  I don’t think there is one household on this planet for which everything goes smoothly.  Not even the family that could afford  a wedding of R70 million, has a smooth week ahead.  Two fathers in our church lost their jobs and their families are in desperate need.  Some people are sick.  Others are in debt.  I wonder how many people can honestly say that their finances are no problem whatsoever.

This morning on the way to work, I thought about my own little bit of chaos that I have to deal with right now.  It’s not smooth sailing in my life either, just in case you wondered.  But as I thought about my little chaos, I also thought about my God.  My God is bigger than any amount of chaos life might throw my way.  Fortunately, to God there is no chaos.  He is never surprised or caught off guard.  He is never out of ideas.  He never has His hands in His hair, nervously pacing the floor.  He doesn’t have to come up with a plan; He already knows the outcome at the end of it all. He doesn’t have to innovate and improvise; He is the Creator of all.  How comforting these few thoughts are.

My God is bigger than my chaos.  To Him, my little bit of chaos is nothing.

It is so easy to become totally caught up in our chaos.  We can’t think of anything else.  We worry, we stress, we freak out.  And all of that for what?

Psalm 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God…

Calm down.  Keep quiet.  Focus.  Pray.

Our God is bigger than our chaos.




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