Why can’t we just have faith?


I think faith is one of the hardest things to get going in our lives.  There are some people with a natural gift of faith – our youngest daughter is like that.  But the average Christian doesn’t have that – we have to work at it.  But why?  Why is it so difficult to just have faith?  Why can’t we just take the promises of God, believe it all, and see it manifested in our lives?

I have been chewing on this for a couple of days.  Well over a week actually.  And believe me, I am fighting my own fight of faith.  Don’t make the mistake to think my blogs are aimed at preaching to other people.  Oh no!  My blogs are aimed at preaching to myself!  I just share it in case somebody else can use it too.  I am currently reminding myself daily that I am blessed.  I am not under the curse of the law anymore.  I am blessed.  Did all the aches and pains in my body just disappear?  NO.  They are still there.  I just don’t give them credit anymore.  I am working on my faith.  I want to get to the point where I am healed because I am blessed.  I am working on my faith so that I will be strong.  I am working on my strength so that I will be filled with faith.  It doesn’t just happen.  And I am far from done.

But why is it such a struggle?

I think we have become too independent, too self-sufficient, too strong.  In Biblical times, God was all they had.  If God didn’t provide rain, there was no food.  There was nothing and nobody else they could count on.  That hasn’t changed, but our perception has certainly changed.  We work for salaries and don’t have to trust God directly anymore for food on the table.  We grow up with this misconception that we have to provide for ourselves, fight for ourselves, fend for ourselves.  And then one day we realise that we need faith, and we discover we have nothing.  We only have ourselves.

We confess with our mouths that we have faith, but do we really?  We pray for a headache and if it doesn’t go away immediately, we thank God for clever people that invented aspirin and we pop a pill.  Where is the faith in that?  If we don’t even have enough faith to make a headache go away, what will we do when we are faced with something serious like cancer?  Then we don’t even pray.  We just run for the nearest doctor.  In between the doctor’s visits, we plead with God “Oh God heal me!”.  God has already  given the healing.  All of it.  We are not under the curse anymore.  We are under the blessing.  We need faith to manifest that healing.  There is nothing more for God to do in this regard.  It is up to us now.  God told us to go and heal the sick and raise the dead, yet we turn around and plead with God to do what He told us to go and do!  Talk about passing the buck!

I know there are people that will disagree with me.  That’s okay.  We are all entitled to an opinion.  This blog is my opinion.

In my opinion, I need faith.  I need a lot more faith.

You can decide for yourself whether you need faith too.


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  1. Faith is indeed hard to to let alone stand in it! I also need to learn to exercise my faith all the time! I have lived by faith many times in my life but I struggle to make it a constant lifestyle as a child of God! When I was told I had cysts in Nov 2009 I felt relieved it wasn’t cancer so I went for a day surgery to have them removed only to discover four months later they had reappeared and were bigger than b4 ! Sisters I had low grade cervical cancer! I thanked God for this discovery and with faith bravely went for the surgery to have my uterus removed! I was so excited to go through the op in May 2010 even the nurses were shocked why? I had faith that if I die it will gain cose I’m going to my father! I had way so much faith in God @ that time but its not the same anymore yet I have gone through so many tribulations and God has never ever let me down! He is a faithful God we need to trust him wholeheartedly! Hilda thanks for today’s blog! God help us restore our faith!
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  2. Fantastic! Your blogs are a true inspiration to me, every time! You have a special gift. Thank you for sharing. Keep them coming. Brenda


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