A handle for a parent


Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 NKJV).

I have read this verse many times. It is one of my favourite verses. Although, every time I read it, I sigh and say ” yes Lord, but what about NOW? When they are old, I will probably be dead. Will I at least see the fruit of my effort before then?” I know of many parents that feel like that. We get so tired of the stupid choices our children make. We get so tired of their bad behaviour at times. We get so tired of fighting them to church. We get so tired of their cocky answers at times. If you are a parent, and you don’t get tired at times of the things your children say or do, you don’t have children, you have angels. And where you got them I don’t know!

Let’s rephrase the verse into our spiritual law format: God says “if you train your child to walk in My ways when he is young, then I will ensure he will walk in My ways as an adult.”

Between my siblings and my friends, I can testify that this verse is true. We were all raised in the ways of the Lord. We had to go to church. We had to go to youth. Missing a service was not an option. And all of us rebelled against our parents and against God. We all went for a tour through the world to see what life without God had to offer. We all got hurt. And we all came back to God. All of us. We have all changed into Godly parents, now fighting the same fight for our children’s lives that our parents fought for ours. Why? Because our parents kept on praying and God does not go back on His word.

So parent, be encouraged today. Your child is even more precious to God than he or she is to you. Continue doing what you have to. Fight them to church. Reprimand them if you have to. Punish them when you have to. None of it will be in vain. In the end, God will take over and He will ensure they walk in Godly ways. Keep up the good work Mother. Keep up the good work Father. None of it will be in vain.

Memorise this verse and use it as a handle to hold on to when times get tough as a parent.


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  1. Thanks for this Blog Hilda. I think as parents we also tend to put God aside way too often in many situations with our children. Sometimes the basic principles we learnt are easily forgotten. I know I needed to hear this message. Thank You


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