What is a spiritual law?


What is a spiritual law really?  Simply put, it’s a promise from God with a condition in front.  Imagine God saying to you: “if you do this, then I will do that”.  That is a spiritual law.

If you fulfill the condition, the first part of the phrase, God will deliver on His promise, the second part of the phrase.  God is not a man that He should lie.  He cannot go back on His word.  There is no sin in Him.  Because of that, a little phrase such as “if you … then I…”, is changed from just another undertaking, to a SPIRITUAL LAW, set in stone, standing for ever.

The problem with us is that we want God to do His part, but we do not want to do our part.  Or, we want God to do His part first, before we will do our part.  We want to bargain with God.  We constantly remind God of all the promises in the Bible, we claim it for ourselves, we pray it over ourselves and when it doesn’t realise, we get angry at God.  But something is missing.  The “if you” part is normally missing.  We want the “then I” part without paying any attention to the “if you” part.  It simply doesn’t work like that.  Who are we after all to arm-wrestle God?

God’s Word is filled with promises for His children.  There are many.  But to get the fulfillment of that promises will take some doing on our part.  And it won’t be easy either.  But the reward is oh so great.

Join me on this journey to have a fresh look at the promises of God and what we have to do to bring them to fulfillment.


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