What we really need


Many years ago, I was in the Kolonade with a friend of mine who has since passed away. Her three year old niece was with us and I had the little toddler on my hip as we walked into Ackermans. It was late autumn already and the shops were filled with beautiful winter clothing. This little girl got so excited with she saw a denim jacket with fur around the wrists and neck and promptly exclaimed “I NEED that on!” It was so cute and we laughed about it for a long time.

Sometimes we convince ourselves and all the people around us that we really NEED something that we could have gone without. Sometimes we buy the best when the average would have been good enough.

I had to buy myself a laptop a few months ago. The fastest I could get with the most harddrive space. Fantastic laptop, honestly. But yesterday, I had to admit that another NEED was ignored when I chose this laptop. I only thought about the performance of the laptop, I never gave thought to the fact that I will have to carry it around all the time. It is heavy. Really heavy. And my bones are in agony – read the previous blog if you don’t know what I am referring to. So yesterday, I settled for a smaller one, one that doesn’t have the processing speed of the big one, but one I can easily carry around. My husband is the very lucky winner of the other, big one.

What do we really need in life? Do we need new cars, big houses, expensive holidays, etc etc? Will more money really make us happy? Will a new job really bring less stress and a more pleasant lifestyle? We are constantly searching for more stuff, for different stuff. Maslow’s theory basically says that as soon as one need is satisfied, a person will have another need. We will never ever reach a state of contentment where we have no needs and longings. Sad actually.

All we really need is a relationship with Jesus. Only Jesus can bring contentment regardless of circumstances. Only Jesus can bring wisdom to make the right decisions, even when buying a laptop (I didn’t ask for guidance when I bought the first one). A deep and intimate relationship with Jesus penetrates every area of our lives, to bring quality that hasn’t been there before.

This morning I wanted to wish a colleague a happy birthday. I sat for a while and wondered what I could wish him, something from my heart, something worthwhile. I wished him the presence of God in every area of his life. To me that is the ultimate. Imagine having a life filled with the presence of God. Now that is what I really NEED.

I wish it for all of you reading my blog today. May you have a life filled with the presence of God.


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  1. May you also have a life filled with the presence of God.
    You bless us with your encouragements my dear! Continue the work of God! Enjoy your day!

    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!


  2. Lovely post dear Hlida, thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and reminding me of where my most important needs really lie. Bless you beautiful friend.


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