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A spill…


Luke is a BIG dog.  A really BIG dog.  He doesn’t realise it though.  He still goes to sleep under the table and forgets about the table when he wakes up.  He doesn’t fit under the table anymore.  So when he stands up, everybody have to grab their glasses!

Each one of us is like a glass of fruit juice, standing on the table of life.  Every now and then something happens and the table isn’t so stable anymore.  We get a little bump somehow.  What spills out of our glasses depend on what we filled with.

Some people will spill faith, others will spill fear.  Some will spill fruit of the Spirit, some will spill fruit of the flesh.

What are you filled with?  If a big dog gets up from under your table today, what will spill out of you?


Draw near…


In order to follow this blog, you have to first read this one if you haven’t already done so:

In my car this morning on the way to work, I wondered which spiritual law to look at first.  I can think of quite a few.  Most people are able to recite the promise part of the spiritual laws, few remember the sacrifice part.  The first one that came to mind is found in James 4:8.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Let’s rephrase this into the format we had yesterday: God says: “IF YOU draw near to me, THEN I will draw near to you”.

See?  We have to do something first, before God will do anything.  God is a gentlemen.  He doesn’t force Himself on us in any way.  He gives us the choice whether we want to be in His company or not.  We have to make the first move.

We all want to be closer to God.  We all want to be in a position where we pray and we are certain that our prayers are heard.  We all want to experience the abundant blessing promised in the Word.  But it all starts with this one principle – we have to draw near to God first.

How do we draw near to God?  Drawing near to God involves prayer.  Prayer is the most important aspect of this action.  We have to make time daily to communicate with God.  It sounds easy but it isn’t.  It takes self-discipline to put time aside for this activity.  It takes self-discipline to actually use the time set aside for that purpose.  In the beginning it is VERY hard.  Your mind will wonder all over the place.  Your concentration will be down to zero.  Suddenly you will wonder what to pray about!  You will even feel stupid about this.  And off course there will be doubt in your mind.  Suddenly you will wonder if God has ever listened to one of your prayers before.  Don’t despair – all of this is satan trying to keep you from drawing near to God.  You see Satan knows the spiritual laws better than any human on earth.  He knows what will happen if you draw near to God and he doesn’t like it one bit.  So obviously he will try his utmost to get you out of it.

Let me give you a tip to get you started – don’t become too religious about praying.  Don’t be so shocked, read on and ‘hear’ me out.  Being on your knees is not a prerequisite.  It’s nice, but don’t fret about it.  Whether you pray out loud or not makes no difference to God, but praying out loud makes it easier for you to concentrate and keep your mind from wondering.  Praying out loud keeps you from falling asleep!  Your prayer doesn’t need certain words and certain phrases to be effective.  It’s not about your words, it’s about your heart.  I think satan has sneakily convinced people that you have to be in a certain position and use certain words, otherwise your prayer won’t be heard.  Believing that lie, many people got so discouraged that they stopped praying altogether.

Find a place and time where you can have a conversation with God as if you are having a conversation with a friend.  For me, it’s in my car.  I don’t listen to the radio or music in my car, I have a conversation with God.  It just works for me.  I talk to Him as if He is in the passenger seat of my car and I love it.  Many a morning I will be crying all the way from home to work, simply because of His presence in my car.  I cannot describe it to you in words – it won’t do justice.  But I want to make you curious and hungry to have the same and much more.

Start praying.  Keep on praying.  Find a place and a time that will work for you.  Don’t worry about what other people do and how they do it.  It doesn’t matter.  Find something that works for YOU.  Start praying.

If you draw near to God, HE WILL DRAW NEAR TO YOU.  It’s a promise.  It’s a spiritual law.  God never goes back on His word.

Here is a promise from me too – it’s worth it.  I promise.

What is a spiritual law?


What is a spiritual law really?  Simply put, it’s a promise from God with a condition in front.  Imagine God saying to you: “if you do this, then I will do that”.  That is a spiritual law.

If you fulfill the condition, the first part of the phrase, God will deliver on His promise, the second part of the phrase.  God is not a man that He should lie.  He cannot go back on His word.  There is no sin in Him.  Because of that, a little phrase such as “if you … then I…”, is changed from just another undertaking, to a SPIRITUAL LAW, set in stone, standing for ever.

The problem with us is that we want God to do His part, but we do not want to do our part.  Or, we want God to do His part first, before we will do our part.  We want to bargain with God.  We constantly remind God of all the promises in the Bible, we claim it for ourselves, we pray it over ourselves and when it doesn’t realise, we get angry at God.  But something is missing.  The “if you” part is normally missing.  We want the “then I” part without paying any attention to the “if you” part.  It simply doesn’t work like that.  Who are we after all to arm-wrestle God?

God’s Word is filled with promises for His children.  There are many.  But to get the fulfillment of that promises will take some doing on our part.  And it won’t be easy either.  But the reward is oh so great.

Join me on this journey to have a fresh look at the promises of God and what we have to do to bring them to fulfillment.