Sticking to our guns


I think life was easier when children could still get corporal punishment. The child messed up, mommy got upset, daddy gave the child a hiding and everything was sorted. For a while the child would certainly behave. Within an hour after the ordeal, everything would be back to normal in the house. No bad moods, certainly no bad attitudes, just peace.

These days however, we have to be more creative when it comes to punishment. If corporal punishment was still allowed, my daughters would have gone to church yesterday with somewhat tender behinds, but nothing more. Now unfortunately, there are two weeks of punishment ahead of us as they are both grounded. Obviously we got some attitude when the punishment was dished out. Attitudes that would not have been there if their behinds were burning.

It is frustrating. For two weeks now, we have to keep on saying no as they will keep on asking. Until we get upset about the asking too and load the punishment with another week. And we will have to suffer another week then. And suffer we will. We don’t like to punish our children, although if you ask them for an opinion, they will probably portray us as mean parents who love to ruin their fun.

It is easy to dish out the punishment when we are angry. It is difficult to keep it up once our anger has subsided. And we have to keep it up. If we don’t, we set a wrong example. The Bible says your no should be no and your yes should be yes. In other words, stick to your guns. Do what you committed to do. So for quite a while, the girls will be in the house and the boyfriends won’t. It is very unfair actually. In order to punish the girls, we have to punish ourselves and their boyfriends too.

And it probably won’t help. Their behinds did not burn, so they will probably do it again. There is nothing like a good old hiding. A moment of respectful silence for the loss of a much needed parental tool please.

Thank you. Now lift your head and stick to your guns.


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