The silence


A few days ago I blogged about the frustration I am experiencing with my children. I must admit, when I wrote the blog, I wondered what people are going to think of me. My frustration was however so high that I did not entertain the thought for very long. I just had to sweep my brain and blog. I was very surprised at the reactions I got. A comment posted today sums it up nicely: “I cannot agree with you more on this. For so long I thought that I was the cookie monster for being so tough on my girls. Yet I see that I too now have to take a tougher stand, come hell or high water. Thanks for the reminder. It’s not their current attitude that counts but the result that it brings about. All of the best to you on this mission. Maybe we should get together more often and discuss these matters. Parents unite to build a better future.”

What struck me in the comment was that he thought he was the only one struggling with these parenthood issues. So was I. Everybody else’s children seemed perfect compared to mine. Ah, but just like mine, all children put their best foot forward when there are other people around. You would never guess the sweet Godly girl in church can turn into a real little monster at home. The girl that is so helpful when her boyfriend’s mother is in the vicinity is actually very lazy when there is just family around her. You would never guess that the girl that dresses so nicely to church also had a fight with her mother about her choice of clothing just the day before.

The person who commented is right. We should speak about these issues so that we don’t feel isolated with the false sense that we are the only parents with misbehaving children. All children misbehave. All teenagers go through horrific phases before they finally turn out human. Let’s stop wondering what other people will think of us if we admit that we are battling with our children. Let’s rather speak up and encourage one another in the process.


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