Day 19: Sowing and Reaping


I was desperate for a back massage today. My chiro is on leave and the spa I usually go to is normally fully booked days in advance. So I phoned a place close to home; a place I have never been before. The price was very low. Too low. I should have realised all is not well. Instead, my focus was on the nice low price. It sounded like a bargain! Well guess what, it wasn’t.

And once again I was confronted with the lesson given to us in the gospels. As a man soweth, so shall he reapeth. I love the King James Version on this verse. It makes it sound sufficiently dramatic.

Read it again. Did you get it? We have to sow first before we can reap anything! Think I am silly? Consider this…

You have to sow enough prayers before God will start answering them. A hit and miss prayer life won’t bring you the answers you are looking for.

You have to sow time in the Word of God daily, before you will start to reap revelations and personal messages from God. He won’t speak to you through His Word if you only read it occasionally.

You have to sow full worship in order to reap the fullness of God’s presence. Half measures won’t get you there.

You have to sow kindness in order to receive kindness.

You have to sow help in order to reap help the day you need it.

And I could go on and on and on with this list but I think you get the concept.

Think for a moment now. What have you sowed? What have you reaped? Do you think God has forgotten you? Do you think God only speaks to other people? You have not sown the right seeds. The fault is not with God, the fault is with you.

Start today and plan a new harvest.


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