Day 17: How do you worship?


People worship in different ways.  I am a worship leader and have been in that ministry for many years.  You would think by now nothing would surprise me anymore, that I have seen it all.  Well actually I have seen it all but it never cease to amaze me!

Firstly you have what I refer to as the Davids.  They are the ones that will lose themselves in a worship session.  “They are the ones that can say with David: I will become even more undignified than this” (Read 2 Samuel 6).  Their enthusiasm during worship matches or exceeds their enthusiasm during a rugby match.  I love playing for the Davids.  It’s so easy to lead them into the throne room.  They eagerly wait for the music to start so that they can start worshiping God.  I avoid looking at them when I am playing and leading worship.  If I open my eyes and look at them, I can’t help it, it start crying.  The beauty in their heart-felt worship is just too much for me to handle.  Obviously when I cry, I can’t sing, so I rather don’t watch them.

Then there are the Michals.  Michal was David’s wife.  She didn’t participate in the worship, she was a spectator.  She watched what the others were doing and then criticized them here from the sideline.  There are many Michals in the church today.  More Michals than Davids.  They might sing.  Most of the times they don’t .  They stand with their arms folded watching the Davids.  Sometimes they don’t even bother to stand.  They just sit.  Too dignified to sing.  Too fancy to worship.  So full of themselves.  I avoid watching them too.  If I see them, it distracts me in my own worship.  My first human reaction would be that I am doing something wrong, that is why they are not participating in the worship.  I have learnt however, that it is their choice.  Not mine.  So I rather ignore them.  You know what the sad thing is?  Michal was barren because of her criticism towards a God worshiper (Read 2 Samuel 6).  Many of these people are barren too.  They are stuck in financial barrenness.  They are stuck in health barrenness.  They are stuck in relationship barrenness.  All because they are too fancy to worship God.  And none of them seem to realize it.

Don’t forget the Marthas.  They are always at church, always busy helping with all the little things that have to get done.  But they don’t worship.  There is no time for that.  Even when the worship is underway, they will leave the church to do little jobs and come back in time for the word.  Sometimes they sit in the pews, flipping through their Bibles, looking all holy, but they don’t worship.  How can I say that?  It’s the same people, doing the same things, every sunday, sermon after sermon.  Yes they are trustworthy.  They do all the little things they promised.  But their lives are empty in a way, because they don’t worship.  Every week they fall into the same traps as all the weeks before.  They never get victory, because they don’t worship.

We all know the Pharisees.  They are present in every congregation.  They stand, they sing, but they don’t worship.  They count how many times the song is sung and complain when the figure gets too high.  They complain when according to them, the wrong songs are sung.  Certain songs are in, others are taboo.  Why I don’t know.  They complain about the sound being too loud.  They complain about the clothing of the people in the worship team.  They complain when the worship gets a bit rowdy.  To them it’s all about religion, not about a personal relationship with Jesus.  To them it’s still about the law, not about freedom in Christ.  They are bound with chains of religion.  When I play and lead worship, I ignore them too.

I love the Marys.  Mary had a deep experience with Jesus when she washed his feet with her tears, dried it with her hair and anointed Him with pure nard (read John 12).  The Marys are easy to spot.  They love Jesus.  They love the presence of Jesus.  They might not dance in abundance as the Davids do, but they love the worship.  They connect with God on a personal level during the worship.  They cry out of thankfulness for their salvation.  They exalt His name for they know how great His love must have been to save them.  I love playing for the Marys too.  They make this ministry all worth it.

Did you find yourself in one of these descriptions?  Who are you?

May I always be a David or a Mary.  I don’t ever want to me a Michal, a Martha or a Pharisee.  And may God have mercy on me!  May the church on Sunday be filled by Davids and Marys!  I want to worship!


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  1. Hilda , thanks for reminding me to take stock of my worship to Abba Father . Yes , David and Mary for me too . Hoped that the churches will be full on Sunday and may we , the Davids and Marys , infect the rest with a spirit of free worship . Like Jesus said :” ….In spirit and truth . ” Free in the abundant life He came and died for . He is the WAY , the TRUTH and the LIFE !! Lets get lost in His presence this weekend . Its a choice , make it !!


    • Unfortunately, those of us that are Davids and Marys something allow the rest to rub off on us, instead of the other way around. We have to stay focused on worship to the audience of One. To Him only. Regardless of those around us.


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