Day 16: Stick with God


Yesterday was a fast paced day full of stress and unforeseen issues that needed immediate attention. There was hardly time to eat. I was flying from one problem to the next, dishing out orders, trying to stay calm while talking to angry customers, and my list of unread emails just got longer and longer. To top it off, there was a meeting booked for which I wasn’t in the mood. I expected a heated discussion as we had different points of view. When I sat down in the meeting, a feeling of fatigue came over me like a heavy garment. At that moment, I realised that I cannot do this on my own. I needed the special forces from heaven to help me out on this one. While the one man was talking I just closed my eyes and for a minute I had a short time of prayer. Ever faithful, God turned the meeting around. Without me having to fight for what is right, it just happened. Opinions got changed without me having to say too much. I walked out of there with a huge feeling if relief.

It made me realise again that I cannot do anything without God.

People sometimes restrict God to church on Sundays. They are willing to serve Him as long as they can do it on Sundays only. They have no idea what they are missing. It is not complicating our lives when we give God full access in all of our lives, it makes live so much easier!

I want God in every facet of my life. When I go shopping I want Him with me. When I work, I NEED Him with me. In every situation, I need God. I CANNOT live without Him, I DO NOT WANT to live without him.

Like David I want to cry out: “Cast me not away from Your presence O Lord, and take not Your Holy Spirit from me!”

How about you? Has God got full access in your life? Or are you restricting His goodness, love and mercy by restricting Him?


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  1. In everything I do I need your presence dear God for you are the source of my joy and strength, the anchor of my soul! I am lost without you father , I need your guidance, yor protection and your unconditional love! Be the center of my life oh God!!!
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