Day 14: A rewarding challenge


Day 14 of the fast is over. We have 7 days left. It has been a very challenging journey indeed. Every day there has been something new that God challenged me on. None of it has been easy. Changing to live a more Godly, a more holy life, is not for the faint hearted. It takes guts to be a committed child of God. At the same time, the rewards are sweet. I am already reaping the rewards of being obedient.

I am going to finish this journey, not because I have to, because I want to. It has been worth it every step of the way so far.

If you haven’t fasted before in your life, consider it. It is a guaranteed way to draw closer to God. And when you get closer to God, you are bound to get changed. For the better.


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  1. It has never been easy at all you are very right Hilda! Everyday had been a milestone for me in my journey to getting closer to Gdo! I have been constantly asked ” what do you want to achieve” as if its not worthy fasting ! It just confirmed the power of fasting is beyond understanding to those who haven’t know God intimately!
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