Day 9: Come away with me…


Change.  One of only two constants in our world.  One of only two things we can always be certain of.  God and change.  God never changes, but change never ends.

You can have a thriving business today, but if you don’t keep up with change, you won’t have a thriving business in a year from now.  Everything around us constantly changes.  The people, the places, the things.  Today you will have certain people around you, tomorrow they will be gone.  Today there will be an open piece of ground, tomorrow there might be a shopping mall.  What is in today, is out tomorrow.  We are constantly adapting to the world around us, trying to keep up, trying to stay in-step with change.

Sadly though, many people keep up with everything but God.  They can tell you all about the latest changes in the climate, but they cannot tell you about one thing that changed in their lives because of God.  They can tell you all about the latest innovations in the world, but they do not have one testimony about a miracle performed by God.  And it’s not because they are not saved.  On the contrary.  They go to church religiously every Sunday.  They can tell you about the pastor’s encounters with God, but they cannot tell you about their own experience with God.

What is happening here?  The clue is in the paragraph above.  They go to church religiously.  Too much religion, not enough true relationship with God.  There are too many people who have become followers of a pastor, instead of followers of Christ.

When last have you experienced God?  When last did you get a fresh instruction from God?  When last have you clearly heard the voice of God?  Are you keeping up with God?  Or are you so focused on keeping up with the ever changing world that you started to neglect your time with God?

Hear Him whisper to you this morning: “Come away with me…. ”

Intimacy with God cannot be replaced with anything this world has to offer.  Intimacy with God is addictive.  The more of Him I experience, the more I want.  It’s a hunger that cannot be satisfied, a thirst that cannot be quenched.  I have become addicted to intimacy with God.

My challenge to you today: start seeking God, not with a list of things you require from Him in your hand, but empty handed.  Seek Him just to spend quality time with Him. He is longing to spend time with You.  He calls you by your name.  He is waiting for you.

“Come away with me…”



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  1. Indeed “come away with me….” People have lost truck of true worship , they run around looking for prophercies as though they are God! The only word that’s true is the word of God which I s written in the bible yet we seek “men of God” as they call themselves! I would rather come away with you Jesus than get lost !! Good message Hilda!!
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    • Hallo Flip, true hey! If you run after signs and wonders, from pastor to pastor, you will never really learn to serve and contribute you share in a congregation family. Some choose the TV as their pastor, watching sermons. What family will they have to support them in times of need? Sad indeed.


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