Day 6: Humility


So this morning, I was committed to clean out one hot-spot as per my promise, before I would start to study.  I normally study on Saturdays, but I committed myself to cleaning out one hot-spot every weekend.  At least.  The kitchen was the biggest eye-sore, so it was on top of the list.

My housekeeper wearily looked on as I started to put things away.  Obviously I moaned with her.  She should have put all this ‘stuff’ away, not so?  It’s so convenience to shift the blame.  I moaned because of the dirt and grime I found in some places.  I moaned because stuff were out-of-place.  I moaned because the tiles were not clean.  And all of a sudden, I was convicted.  Again.

I am quick to moan with her, slow to make time for her.  Quick to point out all the things that haven’t been done, slow to give recognition for  the things she does without me asking.  I am quick to moan because she doesn’t do things the way I want it done, slow to make time to teach her.  It was a major ouch.  You see when God convicts us, there is usually a piece of humbling in there somewhere, hidden among the other things we have to change.  The humbling for me was the apology I had to offer.  Apologizing for not making time for her.  Apologizing for not teaching her.  Apologizing for moaning unnecessarily sometimes.

This morning, we cleaned the kitchen together, so that I could teach her what I wanted her to do and how she should do it.  My studies had to wait a while.

This fasting journey is all about getting closer to God.  I want more of God.  I want God to teach me certain things that people cannot teach me.  But to get there, I have to humble myself.  The Bible says so.  My housekeeper was a good place to start.

My challenge to you today: search you heart for hidden places where pride hides.  Clean it out.  It shouldn’t be there.  Humble yourself.

Psalm 25:9 – He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way.


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