Day 4: Cleaning out the hot-spots


Hot-spots.  Those little places in the home where stuff accumulates.  Stuff.  All sorts of stuff.  Medication, hair clips, hair bands, nail polish, a screw or two, a piece of rope, my knitting row counter, a lost tea candle, a pencil that needs sharpening, a lighter, cash slips and the list goes on into infinity.  You get the picture.

I have quite a few hot-spots in my home.  On my dressing table, on my bedside table, on my desk, on the coffee table, on the bar counter, on the kitchen counter to name just a few.  I have to clean them up.  I promised I would.

My husband and I are working through a 40-day devotional for couples.  Love Dare is the name of the book.  Yesterday’s piece was not easy for me.  I had to tell my husband the things he does that irritate me and obviously hear his contribution as well.  I don’t put things away.  It irritates him.  The whole of yesterday I was searching for the truth in his statement.  I always put the butter back in the fridge after I made a sandwich.  I always put the cold drink back in the fridge after pouring myself some.  I was a bit puzzled at first and so decided to pray and ask God to show me where this irritation comes from.  God is faithful.  He never lets us down.  Last night sitting on my bed, I suddenly became aware of the hot-spot on my dressing table and everything started to make sense.  I don’t put things away that slowly accumulate in odd places.

It was thinking about this for a quite a while last night.  In my mind I was going through the entire house, making mental notes of all the hot-spots I have to sort out.  I don’t think it would be too difficult.  Keeping them clean will be more of a challenge.  It’s not just me that contributes to them.  Our children and housekeeper will have to change their habits too.  Stuff can’t just be dumped in the hot-spot anymore.

It always amazes me how God works and what He uses to teach us.  While sitting in bed, the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit started convicting me.  I have a spiritual hot-spot too.  I dump things there that I don’t want to deal with.  When I don’t feel like sorting out an issue I just push it aside and let it lay there in the hot-spot gathering dust.  In my spiritual hot-spot are things that I should have done long ago, things I should have said, words I should have given, apologies I should have offered, forgiveness I should have extended.  It’s time for me to do some cleaning.

How about you?  Do you have a spiritual hot-spot?  What is in there?  When are you going to clean it out?


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  1. Thanks Hilda , this is one of those I’ll deal with it later issues. Later becomes never if we don’t make an effort and we don’t take responsibility. This remided me of a couple of later issues that needs attention.

    God bless on your journey , and keep us posted.


  2. Hi Herman. Thanks for the comments. Yes, if we don’t do it today, we probably never will. I feel like a little child crying to his mother: “but I don’t want to!” But I know I have to. And I know I am going to feel better afterwards. Lighter. It’s not pleasant but worth it. All the best on your cleaning up exercise today.


  3. Oh my goodness Hilda I don’t have house hot spots as such but my hubby does! I’m the one who loves cleaning and that irritates him cose I end up putting away things which he dumps back in their right places and he gets angry . As for spiritual hotspots please help me God I tend to keep things which have hurt me for so long though I forgive quickly but I don’t let go easily! Lord have mercy and teach me to deal with this!!
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  4. I know that feeling Sally. It’s easier to forgive than to forget. Yet God says He forgives our sins and NEVER thinks about them again. Amazing. If only we could get that right!


  5. Hot spots is a big problem. What is no hot spot for me is one for my wife. Result? I’ve been looking for stuff she has cleaned and packed away for 6 months now! Funny, as I was writing this, the Lord showed me where to look!


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