A 21-day journey ahead


As a church, we are starting a 21-day Daniel fast tomorrow. I can honestly say, I am so scared of the next three weeks. You see, I have been on a fasting journey a few times before and I know what’s coming. I should be thankful that I know what is coming, at least I can start preparing for it mentally and hope it helps. A few people who have never fasted before are all excited about it; they have no idea of the battle ahead.

And it is not just a spiritual battle; the battle will manifest in all areas of my life.

Firstly I am declaring war against myself. Think about it for a moment. I am going to refuse my body’s desires for 21 days. My body will not get the food it longs for or the food it is used to, it will only get what I am allowed to have on this fast. Fruit, vegetables, water, fruit juice, herbal tea. That is it. No meat. To me, that is way off my normal diet which includes meat. And lots of meat too. I am no vegetarian and for 21 days that is practically what I will be. My body is going to respond with hunger pangs, headaches due to detoxification, and a digestive system all upset with this cleansing process. I can try and be as spiritual as I like, I am not going to miss the physical suffering included in this journey. I will have to face it and deal with it. My body is going to rebel against my spirit. It’s war.

The second battle is the spiritual one. The devil does not like a fasting church. He also knows what the end result will be and he will do whatever he can to discourage me along the way and get me to stop short of the goal. I am not a monk and I cannot retreat to a monastery in the mountains somewhere to spend the next 21 days in prayer with as little temptation as possible. That would have been great. Unfortunately, my life goes on. Changes are good that I will irritate the daylights out of myself, much more than usual, in the next 21 days. Things will not work as they should, people will not react as I expect them to, my children will not behave as they should, my husband and I will probably misunderstand each other and so the list goes on. There will be a full scale spiritual attack on me and every other person on this fasting journey. Each one of us will have to ensure our spiritual armour is all polished and ready for use. We are going to need it.

The third aspect will be painful and difficult but oh so rewarding. It is because of this aspect that I am prepared to join this journey. I know that through a time of fasting, I will get closer to God. I know our level of intimacy will grow. In that process, God will reveal things to me that I have to change. That is painful. Being confronted with my own ugly self is never nice. I like the person that I portray to the world. I don’t like the person that God can see. But the reward of the intimacy makes it all worth it. I cannot describe it to you in words. I am excited about the reward of this journey; the journey itself scares me to death.

Having said that, I invite you to join me on this journey. It is not about the church I attend, it is about the church of Jesus Christ seeking His face and moving closer to Him. If you want to have more of God, learn to allow less of yourself. Learn to fast.

I am going to blog every day on this journey and tell you about the things I am battling with. Might I add that the spiritual attack has already started? See why I am scared? The worst is about to manifest in all of us in this house and we will have to fight it on a spiritual level instead of a physical level. That is what fasting is all about. Ruling over the flesh.

If you are joining me, let me know so that I can add you to my prayer list. Add me to your prayer list so long, I am going to need it.


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  1. I’m joining you Hilda though not mentally prepared I just saw your posting now but a child of God is alwayas prepared for battle anytime knowing that we are not alone! I normally fast for 7days and this will be my first time ever to go for 21days!! I have experience the power of God when you do the unexpected! I joined a group of christians on a mountain tour not knowing what to expect! It was such a steep one but I took one step @ a time felt like giving up but I head the voice saying “the journey with christ is never easy and only a few will make it”” I felt more determined to continue! After several rests along the way, I made it to the top without food or water ! We spent the whole day there praying and had to deal with the climbing down @ the end of the day! I never thought I could make it but I did! So I encourage you and join you on this 21days of sacrifice to God our father! It shall be well with us in Jesus name!!!


    • Oh Sally! Why am I not surprised that you are the first one to join me on my journey. How blessed I am to have a sister like you!

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  2. Hilda, ek het ‘n ruk gelede by Sureslim aangesluit nadat ek ‘n paar kilos opgetel het en dit op die regte manier wou verloor maar ek sukkel om op dit te bly en dit is nie eers moeilk nie dis ‘n kwessie van reg eet, nie soos ‘n dieet nie, met die dans kan ek nie, nie vleis eet nie aangesien ek fisies te besig is en dit nie gaan kan maak nie, so vas gaan baie moeilik wees, maar as hierdie eetplan kan volg vir 21 dae gaan dit vir my net so ‘n journey wees, God is op die oomblik besig met ‘n plan in my lewe en die aanval van die bose magte in die lug is erg om my te laat opgee en ek kan dit nie bekostig nie ek dink dit kan my net nader aan God se plan in my lewe bring dankie hiervoor


    • Sjoe Belinda, dis amazing! Volg jou eetplan saam met my vir hierdie 21 dae. Ons kan mekaar bemoedig en saam nader aan Jesus kom. Moenie opgee nie sussie, soos jy tereg gesê het, God het ‘n plan met jou lewe. Druk deur!

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