What is in the box? Addictions!


This is not a new decision but it is still worth mentioning. I will enter 2013 without cigarettes and without alcohol. The feeling is wonderful indeed! I stopped smoking in April, my husband stopped in October. We both went cold turkey in obedience to Holy Spirit. And it wasn’t even difficult. When you act in obedience to God, He makes it easy for you.

Just over a month ago, we both decided to cut alcohol completely. Again in obedience to a higher calling. Spiritually we are growing daily because of our decision. You see, when you are desperate for more of God, you have will to sacrifice certain things to get more of God. And believe me, it’s worth it. Fellowship with God is so much better than fellowship with alcohol. I cannot describe to you how strong we came out of this.

Now, whenever we are challenged, it’s easy to resist. If I could stop smoking, I can stop buying unnecessary stuff. If I could stop smoking, I can stop whatever else God convicts me of. I am stronger and still getting stronger daily. That is why I could put things in the box, determined to leave it behind in 2012. I have done it before, I can do it again!

I will enter 2013 without some of the stuff that has dragged me down and I am so thankful to
God for it. How about you?


I would like to read your opinion! Leave a comment.

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