What is in the box? Racism!


No, I am not a racist. There are many people who would witness to that. I am white, some of my best friends are black. I go out of my way to motivate young black students so that they can achieve their goals and make their dreams come true. My facebook friends are a beautiful mix of colour and I love it.

So why is racism in the box? If you don’t know which box I am referring to, read the blog posted on Boxing day before you continue.

It’s not racism that I need to put in the box of 2012. It’s my silence about it that I am leaving behind. No longer will I keep quiet about it. No longer will I witness an act of racism and not speak my mind.

In the gym this morning, my daughter was taking out all her frustration on a boxing bag. I was scared when she started kicking it, scared it might come off the chain. A black man walked up to her and held the bag for her. With a big smile, he said “come on” and she gave it to him! That is the world I want. That is the world as it should be.

Some journalist once complained about people still referring to colour. That doesn’t bother me in the least. It’s just another way to describe a person. If you describe a person by his clothing, adding his skin colour just adds to the description. I do not believe we can ever get away from that. Just a side thought there.

Back to the box. I will speak out when I hear white people complain about black people in their church. To those people I want to say now already: “Wake up and smell the roses man. Do you really think God will reserve a little spot in heaven just for you and your white friends? Not! Chances that you will get to heaven with that pathetic attitude are slim.”

I will speak out when a person refers to another person of another race group in a derogatory manner. To people who do that, I want to say now already: “We are all humans, made in the image of God. Who do you think you are to insult a person made in the same image as you? Get a life”.

I am sick of racism. If you are a racist, I pray that the Holy Spirit will convict you to leave your racism behind in 2012. Put it in the box and walk away from it. I dare you.

As for me, my silence on racism is in the box. I will speak out against it!


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  1. Thanks! Racism is global and there is so much work to do. I thank you for what you are doing. It is wonderful to know that people like you are sharing the load in another part of the world!-Izzie J


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