Christmas or xmas?


I have always loved Christmas. Previous years, on the 1st of December, the tree and decorations were put up. Some presents were already hidden in the house and were promply put underneath the tree. By Christmas eve, there was a heap of presents. And my credit card was in mourning.

Somehow this year, the Christmas feeling didn’t come. By the middle of December there were no decorations, no tree, no presents. What amused me was that nobody else in the household seemed bothered about it. I expected the children to complain…nothing. We all felt the same. Sick to our stomachs of the fake xmas of the world.

The fake xmas of the world is empty as Jesus does not form part of it. A tree took the focus off the cross. Silly little lights took the focus off the Star of Bethlehem. Giving to others takes the focus off the guilt of knowing not enough time was given to Jesus this year.

It simply isn’t the same.

May you experience a true CHRISTmas tomorrow, in the presence of Jesus, not a worldy xmas.

Whether you will have a Christmas or a xmas is entirely your choice.


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  1. Hi my friend .I have always been able to censor my self . I do not read any thing that i know will upset my soil . I do not watch any movies that is in conflict with my believes , I believe that the spirit of God can not live in me if i fill myself with rubbish ..There for i do not go any ware, were i have to defend myself . I do not poses a fire arm for that reason , do not go any place where , if i know i might endangering myself . I cannot do ungodly things and then expect God to live in me . There is no place ! . So the thing is learn to censor yourself . Then god can fill in all those empty spaces in your heart and there will be no place for any thing else . So there will be nothing to distract you from your spiritual goals , you can then serve God without any interruptions .( Just somethings that have help t me throughout my life) to keep me focus t in my never ending striving to be found worthy .


    • Hi Ricky! Nice to ‘meet’ you here. It is a stunning principle you live by, one worth adapting. Thank you for sharing it with us. With the 21-day fast ahead of me, self censorship is something to meditate on. Being in the corporate world every day makes it difficult, there are some things and some people I cannot eliminate from my life but I know that God can and will protect me from their influence on my life. Thanks again for sharing. I hope to see a lot more contributions from you!

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