Monthly Archives: December 2012

Goodbye 2012


My box is sealed and I am leaving it behind in 2012. I know God will reveal many more things that I need to eliminate from my life in the days to come. I am not perfect and I never will be, but I am striving to live a life of obedience to God, a life of holiness.

2012 has been a good year. Many people look back and see only the negative things. At the end of each year they lament that they never want to have the past year over again. I want to be different. Today I want to look back with a thankful heart and see only the good things that happened in this year. The positive outnumbered the negative by far. God has really been good to us.

I encourage you to count your blessings when you look back at 2012. Look and see what the Lord has done for you in this past year. And be grateful.

See you again in 2013…


What is in the box? Addictions!


This is not a new decision but it is still worth mentioning. I will enter 2013 without cigarettes and without alcohol. The feeling is wonderful indeed! I stopped smoking in April, my husband stopped in October. We both went cold turkey in obedience to Holy Spirit. And it wasn’t even difficult. When you act in obedience to God, He makes it easy for you.

Just over a month ago, we both decided to cut alcohol completely. Again in obedience to a higher calling. Spiritually we are growing daily because of our decision. You see, when you are desperate for more of God, you have will to sacrifice certain things to get more of God. And believe me, it’s worth it. Fellowship with God is so much better than fellowship with alcohol. I cannot describe to you how strong we came out of this.

Now, whenever we are challenged, it’s easy to resist. If I could stop smoking, I can stop buying unnecessary stuff. If I could stop smoking, I can stop whatever else God convicts me of. I am stronger and still getting stronger daily. That is why I could put things in the box, determined to leave it behind in 2012. I have done it before, I can do it again!

I will enter 2013 without some of the stuff that has dragged me down and I am so thankful to
God for it. How about you?

What is in the box? My credit card!


I paid my credit card off, but I haven’t closed the account yet. I know I should. I haven’t been a very good steward of the money God trusted me with. I have spent too easily in the past, many times on credit. Besides my credit card, I still have some other debt I have to pay, but I will get there. You see, this time around, I am changing my ways in conviction by the Holy Spirit. It’s not my decision, it’s obedience.

So my credit card will not go into 2013 with me. A few times this week I had a minor panic attack by the mere thought of it. No credit card. No budget account. No emergency funds should something happen. No easy way to pay my studies. All these thoughts amount to just one thing: a lack of faith. God will look after me. He always has. And He always will. I don’t need my credit card. I need God.

What is in your box? What are you leaving behind in 2012?