Pharisee Syndrome


The Pharisees were well known in Biblical times. They were the ones that studied the scriptures. The name Pharisee in its Hebrew form means separatists, or the separated ones. And separate they were indeed.

They didn’t like mingling with the common people. They believed they were holy and all the other people were sinners. They didn’t hesitate to expose another person’s wrongdoing. They didn’t hesitate to judge those that were different from them. How sad. They didn’t like Jesus; He mingled with the wrong crowd and He wasn’t impressed by their self-righteousness.

Why am I rambling on about Pharisees today? Because there is a Pharisee Syndrome in the church today.

How do we wish to influence the world if we never spend any time with them? How can we show them the unconditional love of God if we refuse to sit around the same table as them? How will we win souls, if we only spend time with fellow believers, nicely in a comfort zone? Jesus didn’t do that! He sat in the houses of the most despised sinners! He mingled with the wrong crowd! Why? He came for the lost! He didn’t come for the saved! He gave the command to go OUT and make disciples. Get out of your little circle of saved friends. You have a job to do.

The church of Jesus must wake up. Satan is catching us with a subtle sin. He is making us proud. We are so proud that we are Christians that we don’t want to mingle anymore with people that are not sitting in the same church as we are. He is deceiving us, making us think that we are without sin, so that we will start judging those around us. And in doing so, we sin! God gives grace to the humble, He resists the proud. The Word clearly says, there is no one without sin, no not one!

We as Christians are not holy! Not by far! And we should stop pretending that we are. We should stop judging other people. We should rather get back to Jesus and ask Him for the cloak of humbleness. So that we can show Jesus to the world.

The world needs to see Jesus through us. They do not need to see our pride.


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  1. Strong Word, yet a true Word, Being a Christian does not mean exclusitivity, it means that we should share the gospel with others and you can’t by staying away from people! Being with other people allows one to be different and stand out as a child of God so that people will want what you have! It enables the saved to share his or her testomony with the sinner and the lost!Pride comes to a fall!


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