Remember me


If you go through the old posts on this blog, you will notice that there are several of them on the same topic: what will people remember about me when I am gone?

Sometimes I approached it from the angle of: what am I doing now that has eternal value?

I received the most beautiful short essay this week via email.  It was written by a teenager, Jaco van der Merwe.  It beautifully sums up everything I said in all the different blog posts.


Throughout history, men and women have been remembered for many things. Some of them might have wanted it that way. For others, it was most likely the way their lives played out.

But as for me, I want to be remembered for having made a difference in my world.

When the day comes that I lie on my deathbed, I want to die in peace, I want to die knowing that my life was lived making someone else’s life better. Even though many people want to change the world, simply knowing that I made a difference in one person’s life will be reward enough.

There are many ways to make a difference. It could be saving a life, standing up for someone when no one else does, or simply giving them a smile when they need it most. Because even the smallest difference made is still a difference.

I do not want a statue built in my honour, nor to be immortalized in a history book. I do not feel the need for the world to know what I have done. No recognition is required. The knowledge that someone out there will remember me for the difference I have made in their world is all the satisfaction I need.

Not only do I want to make a difference in the lives of those around me, I also want to make a difference in the lives of my wife and children. I want to leave this world knowing that my wife and children’s lives were changed by the things I did for them.

The day I die I want to be remembered.

Not for the car I drove, for the money I had, not for the size of my house. But I want to be remembered for the difference that I made. Not only in my world, but in the world of others.

Remember me for what I did for others, not to them. For what I gave them and not what I gained from them.

Well said young man, well said.


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