Why don’t we see signs and wonders anymore?


The olympic games are nearly over. It was amazing to watch the top sports people in the world competing against each other. The strength, the speed, the ability – all mesmerizing.

Let’s think into the future for a moment. Imagine the child of one of these olympic champions years from today. Surely he / she would have inherited those genes. Surely he / she would have what it takes to be champion too. All true. But would it just happen? No. There would be years of training involved, a disciplined lifestyle, probably a special diet, many small competitions in preparation for the big one. Many losses, only to try again.

Back to my question. Why are we not seeing signs and wonders anymore? Jesus said that we will do even bigger wonders than He did. So what went wrong?

Jesus spent many hours in prayer on a regular basis. Jesus fasted often. From childhood, He spent time in the word of God.

What are we doing? Oh we read our Bibles everyday. We pray everyday. But it’s not the same. We quickly present our list of “we wants” to God and then we are off again.

If we want to do the signs and wonders Jesus did, we have to live like he did. How desperate are we? Are we desperate enough to read more than just our devotional for today? Are we desperate enough to make time in our busy lives for more time in prayer? If we want to have the gifts of the Spirit and see them in action, we have to do what our teacher did. We have to start training. We have to start training in all earnest. Good genes, with other words being born again, is not enough.

How desperate are we?


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