Trash to Masterpiece


I found her on a pile of rubbish, soon to be dumped.  She was an ugly shade of green.  Her owner couldn’t believe her ears when I asked if I could have her.  Her previous owner thought she was useless, ugly and worthless.  I saw something she didn’t see.  Potential.So I took her from the rubbish and kept her in the storeroom for a while.  Every now and then I would look at her, wondering what she will become.  And then one day, I knew.  The project started.

I sprayed her matt black.  My husband cut a board just the right size.  The board got painted white.  For a few days I was walking the isles in the shops, looking for just the right serviette or rice paper.  It had to be special.  Finally I found it.  Pictures of women’s faces with different hats on.  Perfect.  The cutting took a long time.  Each face had to be cut out separately and delicately – the paper was so fragile.  One by one I decoupaged the faces onto the board.  Finally a few layers of podge to seal them all and a layer of varnish for protection.

My husband took over again.  He fitted the board and gave it a border.  He got hooks and screwed them in between the faces.  Finally the moment arrived and he hung her on the wall.


What was once a piece of trash because the most beautiful jewellery frame.

I looked at her again yesterday and I heard the whisper of God’s voice.  There are many people on the rubbish pile of life.  Maybe you feel worthless.  Maybe other people think you are worthless.  Maybe you have failed in something and you just don’t have the strength to try again.  Maybe you let somebody down and you feel so bad.  Maybe somebody let you down and you feel neglected.

God can change all of that.  He is known to create a masterpiece out of trash.  Moses wasn’t worth much.  He stuttered and he murdered a man.  Yet God created a masterpiece of faith strong enough to lead the Israelites out of Egypt.    David was an adulterer and yet he turned out so well – God referred to him as ‘a man of my heart’.  Mary was an ordinary girl.  There is nothing in the Bible suggesting that she was anything special, yet God chose her to carry His Son.

God can change your circumstances.  God can change you.  If you seek His face, He will create a masterpiece on which He can hang His jewellery of grace and salvation!

from trash to masterpiece

A jewellery frame to keep the valuables sorted


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