Everyday Martyrs


When I read the book the first time, it shocked me. When I read it the second time, it saddened me. The name of the book is “Jesus Freaks”. It contains many stories of people martyred for their faith in Jesus Christ. I cried a lot while reading the book. It’s heartbreaking to read about people tortured and killed for their faith. Many of us are so spoiled. We would rather not think about this. We fear the day that our religious freedom will be taken away from us, and the closer we get to the end of times, the bigger the possibility of it happening becomes. And we are a bunch of sissies. We can’t even stand up for Christ in our soft, comfortable everyday lives. How will we ever, ever, manage to be a martyr for Christ?

Being a Christian is not for the faint hearted. It takes a man or a woman with guts to stand up for Jesus Christ. And if we can’t train ourselves to stand up for Jesus Christ now, we will not make it when we too are looking down the barrel of a gun!

We go to church on Sundays, we enjoy the sermons, we cry in the presence of God and our spirits soar. Then come Monday.

What are you doing when people in your office use the name of Jesus Christ in vain? Are you standing up for the one who died for you? Or do you ignore it because you are ashamed to be labelled as ‘that Christian’?

What are you doing when the jokes get rude? Do you laugh along, or do you make it clear that you disagree with it? Do you stand there or do you walk away?

What do you do when the tempers flare in the office? Are you also cursing, swearing and shouting? Or are you different?

When last did you stand up for Jesus Christ? He died for you!

If we cannot become everyday martyrs for Jesus Christ, our faith won’t last when the real tests come. And they will come. Just read the news. Are you going to be strong enough? Or are you going to deny Him like Peter did?


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