Ask. Listen. Smile.


Earlier this week I wrote a blog about really listening when you ask a person how he / she is.  If you haven’t read that yet, you can click on the link on the right “How are you?  No really, how are you?”

I started making a conscious decision to stop and listen for an answer when I ask the question.  The reaction of the people have made me laugh more than once.

Some are visibly surprised and uncomfortable.

One person ended the conversation with a mumble and left.  I laughed.

Two young people who came to my desk together were so surprised that somebody actually cared, they were more than willing to really share how they felt today and the reasons for feeling like that.  I smiled when they left.  Why?  I felt good about making a difference in the life to two young people who needed some guidance.

Another person just started sharing.  He obviously needed somebody to talk to.  Somebody who would just listen.  He had a need to be heard.  When the conversation ended, I smiled with satisfaction.  I made a difference to somebody’s day.  I fulfilled a need.

I challenge you to start doing the same.  Let’s change our workplaces around.  Let’s start a new fashion.

Ask.  Listen.  Smile.


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  1. It is because we do not love nor listen like Christ does that we can not help people to overcome there sorrows.Most of the time Christians don’t even know how to help some one take up the light burden of Jesus!


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