How are you? No really, how are you?


How are you? How many times have you asked somebody this question without waiting to hear the answer? I know I have given the normal reply “I’m fine and you?” without even turning my head to look at the person who asked first.

It happens all the time. We are in such a hurry to get on with life, that we don’t stop to really make sure the other person is well. We don’t have time for each other any more.

On Friday, I saw the post on facebook: “Today is one of the most difficult days in a person’s life. My son passed away and he is with God. My heart is torn apart. Rest in peace my son.” Her son committed suicide.

Can you imagine this mother’s pain? My heart breaks just thinking about it. The people he worked with say they never expected this. His friends say they had no idea he was planning this.

It got me thinking.

Maybe we should slow down. Maybe we should not only ask “How are you?”, we should actually make time to listen.


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