the earth is flat…


No, I haven’t lost my mind.  I know the earth is round.

Globalisation.  Big word.  Big meaning.  Big impact.  It refers to the integration of the entire world.  The earth may be round, but through globalisation, it suddenly feels as if we are all in one village again.

We are living in an era where far away is so easy to reach.  We can talk to and see people sitting in other continents through technologies such as skype.  We can stay updated with the lives of family and friends through facebook, twitter and a host of other social media networks.  We promote ourselves and our careers through networks such as linkedin.  We even measure our influence on people through klout.

Which bring me to this question: what is your influence on other people?  All those people who follow you on twitter,  your friends on facebook and your connections on linkedin – do they know you are a Christian?  Can they pick it up through what you post on social media?

Food for thought.


I would like to read your opinion! Leave a comment.

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