A life in front of God


“I will never leave you, nor forsake you”.

We quote that scripture and meditate on it whenever we go through a difficult time.  We encourage each other with that scripture, and rightfully so.  But that scripture is like a coin that has a flip-side.

God is always with us.  He is not just with us on a Sunday when we are standing in church.  He is with you right this very moment.

So what are you busy with?

If you could see God standing next to you, will you still do what you are doing?  If you could see God in the car with you, will you still curse and swear at the driver in front of you?  If you could see God walking next to you, will your feet still walk towards that sin you know you shouldn’t do?  If you could see God in your office, will you still flirt with your colleague?  If you could see God leaving work with you, will you still go to the bar and have one drink too many?  Will you still light that cigarette?  Will you still yell at your spouse? Will you?

God IS there, you just can see Him.

Has the coin dropped?

We are living a life with God, in front of God.  What does He see?


I would like to read your opinion! Leave a comment.

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