A strange place with a strange person


I didn’t apply for this job – it was offered to me.  From the beginning I prayed that God will place me there only if it is His will.  And He did.  Initially, I got interviewed for a Business Analyst position and I got appointed as Project Manager.  Weird I know.  Less than one month there, I got assigned all the projects of one particular department and I moved there.  Only to find out that I don’t belong.

Many times over the last few months, I wondered what I was doing there.  I am used to taking control and turning a place upside down with new processes.  I am used to making an impact and contributing value.  I am used to getting along with people, making friends easily and working in a team.  None of that is present.  I feel so lost.

This afternoon again, I cried out to God and asked why He placed me there.  What was the purpose?  And God answered immediately.  I am there to pray for a specific person.  That is all.

Have you ever encountered a person so emotionally wounded that he is antagonistic to every other person he encounters?  I work with such a person.  I just never realised before that he is the reason God placed me there.  There is a scripture in Isaiah that says God is looking through the earth to find someone who will be prepared to stand in the gap for somebody else.  I have been chosen to stand in the gap for this person.  That is the only reason I am there.

I won’t be there for long – I know that.  God is already orchestrating other things due to happen soon.  That place is temporary.  As soon as I have done what God called me to do there, He will move me to another place.

Pray for me that I will be faithful.  That I will not take the cold shoulder personally.  That the words that come from his mouth will not hurt me.  Pray that God will shield me in love, and that His love will be the only thing this person will see.  Even more important, pray that God will heal him.  I need intercessors to stand in the gap with me.


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