The Passover Lamb


The past weekend was hard on us as a family.  Three of our goat ewes gave birth this weekend.  In total 5 kids were born.  Two were desperately small and couldn’t reach their mother’s teats.  So they were brought inhouse to be hand-reared.  But neither of them made it.  Both died.

It’s so sad when our animals die.  We come to love them as children in our house.  And only knowing these two babies for two days, doesn’t change that.  We all cried.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, just after the last one past away, I was crying in my bed.  And I thought about the passover lamb.

Many people in Biblical times bought their lamb at the temple grounds.  But many raised the animal in their house.  Can you imagine raising a little lamb in your house – taking all precautions possible for him to not get hurt?  Can you imagine having a little lamb that sleeps inside on one of the children’s beds?  Can you imagine a little lamb that gets fed when the family eats?  Can you imagine how much you will grow to love that little animal?

Can you imagine having to offer him as atonement for your sins?  Think for a moment about that one animal in your house that you love so much.  Can you imagine having to slaughter him as atonement for your sins?  It’s a terrible thought!

We can’t even begin to feel what God must have felt, giving His Son, so that our sins can be forgiven.  We have no clue.  But can we at least start to appreciate the greatness of this offering?


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