Idolatrous prayer?


She asked the question just before we went to bed last night. 

“Where in the Bible can I find a verse on idolatory?”
“There are lots” her father answered.
“The first one is probably the one in the 10 commandments” I added.

This morning in the car she told me that it is her turn to open the school today with scripture and prayer.  And that she was going to talk about idolatry.  She carried on before I could ask for more information.

“Many times we are so absorbed about something that we end up praying only about that one thing.  Like sport for instance.  We pray that we will do well.  We pray that we will not be injured.  We pray to win the game.  At the end, the only thing you talk about in prayer is your sport.  That is idolatry.  We should grow in our relationship with God in our prayer time instead of petitioning Him about our idolatrous activities”.

Deep words for a teenager.

Food for thought.


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