Put your feet into the water


The Israelites were looking at the promised land from the other side of the Jordan river.  The river was in flood.  There was no way they would get across.  God told Joshua to get them all ready to move.  The priests were in the front with the ark of the covenant on their shoulders.  Imagine what they must have felt.  They had to walk into this mass of water because God said so.  In faith they obeyed.  When their feet touched the water, the river stopped flowing and the entire nation walked through.

Sometimes we are in the same position.  We look at something that we just can’t get.  We look for a way out of a difficult situation but we don’t see any.  In times like that, God instructs us to do something in faith.  We have to pick ourselves up and do whatever God said, in faith.  Only when our feet touch the water, will God perform the miracle. 

Unfortunately, we want to see the miracle before we get up and do something.  God doesn’t work like that.  He tests our faith in Him time and time again.

What are you waiting for?  Get up and put your feet in the water – God will do the rest.


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