To grow or not to grow…


I saw the poor palm tree yesterday.  Planted in a pot.  Put on an outside porch.  No space to grow.  The leaves were pushing against the concrete slab above it.  I felt sorry for it.  I stood there wishing somebody would move it out into the sunshine and into unlimited space to grow tall!  And like always, the voice of God came unexpectedly, using something ordinary to touch my heart – “How tall are you?”  Food for thought.

So how tall are you?  Are you still growing in your relationship with Jesus?  Or did you somehow move into a space where your growth is curbed?  Note the words – “did YOU somehow move”?  You see, it’s never God that moves – God is constant.  We move away from God and then wonder what went wrong.  We went wrong!

Growth is the result of a conscious decision and constant effort towards it.  Growth doesn’t just happen – it takes some effort on our side.  It requires sacrifices.  And it isn’t easy either.  Instead of reading a piece of fiction, rather read a teaching or study the word of God.  Instead of listening radio on the way to work, listen worship music and worship God in the traffic.  Instead of hanging out with people who have a bad influence, hang out with people who will have a Godly influence on you.  I can come up with a lot of example but I am sure you understand the concept.

Let’s make a decision today to actively persue growth in Jesus.  The Kingdom of God needs spiritual adults – there are far too many babies still.  And don’t think you can relax when you consider yourself a spiritual adult.  The evil one is prowling around, looking for those he can destroy.  If you are not vigilant, you will lose the battle.

“Heavenly Father, help us to grow.  Make us aware of those activities we waste time on that is not beneficial to our spiritual growth.  Make us sensitive to the voice of Holy Spirit and call us to intimacy with You. Amen”


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