Christianity is not for the faint hearted


We were on the way home yesterday when my daughter made the comment.  “It’s not easy to stay on the straight and narrow”.  How true.  Being a Christian is not easy.  Staying a Christian is not easy.

Many times we are faced with question for which we don’t have answers.  Many times we cannot understand why God allows certain things to happen.  Many times we hurt and we silently wonder if pressing on will be worth it.  Keeping our faith up is no easy task.  To keep believing that God will make it all work together for the good is sometimes very difficult.  To make it worse, people laught at our child like faith when everything seems to be going against us.

Do I have an answer for all of this?  No I don’t.  All I know is this: we need to surround ourselve with fellow Christians that will keep us standing when our knees start to buckle under the pressure.  A fellow believer will keep your arms up when you have no strength left.  Invest in Christian friends.  Make time to attend a small group or cell group – you need support.  Sooner or later, you are going to need somebody to lean on.  Sooner or later, you will be the one offering support to a brother or sister who is depleted of faith and strength.

The Bible clearly says we should not give up meeting together.  The above is the reason for this verse in the Bible.

If you are strong today, find somebody that needs you to keep going.  If you are weak today, make a call and get somebody to keep your faith up.

Together we can stay on the straight and narrow.


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