Cleaning the kitchen


I wanted to cook apricot jam. And I could not find a certain, much needed piece of kitchen equipment. Scratching through cupboards and shelves ended up in me throwing out all the drawers and clearing all the shelves. Much to the disguist of my domestic worker. She knew she had a lot of work on her hands. Work that should have been kept up to date – then this would never have happened.

The findings were terrible. It`s amazing how much dust and dirt can collect in closed cupboard! Bowls that were clean the last time they were used were now dirty and sticky. Disguisting.

It`s the same with our hearts. We go to church and do all the right and noble things. We say the right things. We appear to be on top Christians – so holy.

Until God forces us to take a long hard look at the content of our hearts. Then we realise, we have a long way ahead of us. We are so far removed from portraying Jesus to the world.

In this festive time, ask God to lead you into a thorough cleaning of your heart.


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