It’s funny season…


This hectic time of the year got an official name.  Funny season.  I can think of a few reasons why this name is quite suitable.

People that are otherwise quite normal, start acting funny this time of the year.  Tempers are short, stress levels are high and everybody is in desperate need of a break.  But when the break finally arrives, people further exhaust themselves with long hours of shopping in hectic malls.  Funny.

Speaking about the malls.  Christmas is not celebrated by non Christians.  But judging by the variety of people and religions that flock to the shops decorated for Christmas, Christmas is clearly no longer a Christian event.  Funny.

We buy bigger and more expensive gifts than last year.  Somehow small just doesn’t seem fit anymore.  Funny.

We spend all our money on vacation junk that we don’t really need and then suffer right until the end of January.  Funny.

The shopping spree has become so big and addictive that children get locked in a car so that the mother can shop in peace.  Funny.

Or is it?

No, it’s not funny at all.  It’s a big irony.  Funny Season is everything but funny.

We have lost the true spirit of Christmas.  We have lost the real meaning of Christmas.  We have lost the true meaning of giving a gift, regardless of the cost thereof.

Let’s get back to basics.  In this funny season, one thing stands firm above all else.  Jesus is still the light and the way.  He still calls you to come and seek rest at His feet.  Don’t let the rush this time of the year rob you of your peace and the rest you deserve.  Find time to spend in God’s presence.  Find time to allow Him to restore your soul after the long year of 2011.

May you have rest and peace in this funny season!


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