What do you really want?


I am not a big Harry Potter fan. I only saw the first two movies. Why I thought about him in the early hours of the morning I don’t know. In the second movie he finds a mirror. In the mirror you see your deepest desires. Harry Potter saw himself standing with his late mother and father. His deepest desires was to have parents. What ran through my head this morning was this: if I had to stand in front of such a mirror, what would I see? What is really the deepest desire of my heart? I can come up with a few desires very quickly. A BMW X3, a game farm, more money and so the list goes on. May I guess that your list looks similar to mine? The Bible says we should seek God first and He will give us the desires of our hearts. Somehow we just can’t get that right. We are always seeking for material things first. Maybe that is why we never have what we really want. Shall we revise our wish lists for Christmas?


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  1. Yes dear, may God help us to see way beyond our own wants and needs. May He help us to never forget those who don't have what we have and may we remember that what we have is by the grace of God. May you reading this be content with what you have granted by God's blessing on your life! Pastor Martin


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