It is ‘that’ time of the year again…


November.  Everybody is tired.  Everybody is irritated.  Patience is something last seen in September.  The every day news is a cause of depression.  The constant commercial drone in the malls is sickening.  Christmas has become so commercialised that there is little meaning left.  The rat race is becoming faster as the end of the year draws near.  We are all so desperately tired.  Not even a 8-hour sleep can provide some energy.

I stood on the balcony this morning with my coffee and looked down at the endless stream of cars.  This is not the life God intended us to have.  We have so little peace and quiet left.  So little time to sit at God’s feet in silence.

In desperation my spirit cried out to God this morning.  Maranatha!  Come Jesus, come!


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