Failing Forward


Failing at something is not easy do deal with.  Somewhere in life, each of us will end up feeling worthless as a result of failing at something.  Failing could be anything.
Failing an exam
A relationship that is in trouble
Falling into sin again
Not reaching the goals you planned so well
Losing a job
A business that has to close its doors
And so the list goes on.

Whatever it is, is will leave you feeling as if it’s just not worth getting up and trying again. 

Remember: failing doesn’t make you a failure!  Read it again!  Failing doesn’t make you a failure!

Failing is human.  We all fail.  As babies, we learn to crawl through repeated failures.  We learn to walk through falling down hundreds of times a day.  Why don’t we stop trying as babies?  Simply because our minds are not developed enough to comprehend failure.  As adults, we over analyse everything and beat ourselves up for failing at something.

Get up and try again.  Success is closest when the pressure is the most.  Failing at something will only result in failure if you don’t try again and if you don’t learn from it.

Let’s start failing forward!


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