God does not make sense today


Last week I wrote about the times when God doesn’t make sense. Today I am feeling like that. As humans we get angry when God doesn’t answer our prayers. It so human to shake a fist in the air with a desperate cry of “God how could You?”

David was in the same boat many times. In the Psalms you will read how he first is upset with God, even fighting with God! At the end of the Psalm he lays back and confirms his dependance on God and God’s faithfullness. Read Psalm 13 for an example.

Last night we lost our pet mongoose. He was a child in the house and this morning I was shaking my fist at God. Only to collapse a little later, emotionally exhausted, ready to be comforted by my Father.

No I don’t understand why and I probably never will. God doesn’t make sense today but I know He loves me. Like He said to Paul, His grace is enough for me.


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  1. Yip, and so did it not make sense what happened to Job, and even when his wife urged him to curse God, he refused and kept on trusting God. It can never make sense to keep on trusting and thanking God for our hardships, but believe me , if we don't we will then only experience a life of no sense! May i encourage you today by urging you to keep on trusting and relying on God whatever it takes.Past Martin


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