Monthly Archives: November 2011

An attitude of gratitude


When last have you counted your blessings?  I mean really think about all the things in your life for which you can be thankful.

Did you notice the funeral procession on your way to the shops?  It could have been you.
Did you notice the person in the wheelchair, unable to move?  It could have been you.
Did you notice the old lady in hospital – all alone, no visitors?  It could have been you.
Did you notice the lady with no hair after her chemotherapy?  It could have been you.

There are people all around us with burdens much heavier than ours.  Yet we rather complain instead of being thankful for what we have.

Let’s count our blessings today.  Write them down.  One by one.  Thank God for each one of them.  I guarantee that your problems will seem a lot smaller afterwards.


Technological breakdown


That is what happened to me this week! First my laptop got formatted. Then my iphone got bricked. Voila! My technological social life was gone in a flash!

No photos left. I know. I know. I should have downloaded them long ago AND made a backup.

No contacts. No social news at linkedin, blogger and twitter. No emails. Could not read the news! It was devastating!

It made me realise how technology dependant we have become. We freak out when there is no signal. We can’t leave a phone, slate or pc for an hour without checking for mail, tweets, blogs, updates etc.

And we are all guilty. I dare to say the facebook club is the worst.

Imagine the world if we were that dependant on time with God. What if our obsession was with the Bible instead of technology?

Food for thought.

It is ‘that’ time of the year again…


November.  Everybody is tired.  Everybody is irritated.  Patience is something last seen in September.  The every day news is a cause of depression.  The constant commercial drone in the malls is sickening.  Christmas has become so commercialised that there is little meaning left.  The rat race is becoming faster as the end of the year draws near.  We are all so desperately tired.  Not even a 8-hour sleep can provide some energy.

I stood on the balcony this morning with my coffee and looked down at the endless stream of cars.  This is not the life God intended us to have.  We have so little peace and quiet left.  So little time to sit at God’s feet in silence.

In desperation my spirit cried out to God this morning.  Maranatha!  Come Jesus, come!