Give it to God


Early in September I blogged about the job interview that came my way.  My husband and I prayed daily that God’s will be done.  We asked in faith that if He wanted me to move to that specific company, He would open the doors.  If that was not where He wanted me, the doors must simply close.

In this past month, I have learned what it is to really give something to God and simply wait.  Yes, at times it was nerve wrecking.  Then I had to remind myself that God will give me what is best.  At times I was despondent when nothing seemed to be happening.  My husband reminded me that I must leave it up to God.
In the end, God opened the doors and they made me an offer.  Obviously now I know that that is where God wants me.  I was expecting a counter offer to come from the company I work for now.  And yesterday it happened.  Will I consider this?  No.  Why?  God has opened the door.  For me to consider turning away from that door will be a clear statement that I do not trust in God’s provision for my life.  The counter offer is simply the devil trying to lure me away of being in God’s will.
What decision are you wrestling with?  Give it to God. 

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