Worship to the audience of One


This is the last blog in the worship series.  For now anyway.

I simply want to encourage you today to worship in real David style with all your might.  Don’t worry about what people think – they don’t count.  What counts is what God thinks of your worship.  Focus on Him alone.  Forget about the people around you.  You are not there to put up a performance for them.  You are there to worship God, because He is good, He is faithful, He loved us even when we were desperately lost.  We have all the reason in the world to worship Him.

If you don’t know how to really worship in abandonment, visit a black congregation.  Trust me – you will see worship – David style.  Without any concern for any other person.  They worship for 12 hours long – easily – and they do it WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT!

Worship to the audience of One.  He is your audience.  Nobody else.


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