This is my God (2)


I wrote a song several years ago – if I remember correctly it was in 1998.  Actually I didn’t write the song, I just listened to what God gave me.

He prompted me to go sit at the piano and as I started playing, the melody came out smooth from finish to end.  I was scared I was going to forget it, so I scrambled for a paper and pencil to pen the melody down.  Then I asked God for the words and He sent me to the last few chapters of Job.  As I scanned the text, certain phrases jumped out at me.  It was as if it suddenly became a ‘bold’ font in front of my eyes.  I just wrote and wrote and wrote.

When I sat down at the piano again – the words fitted the melody perfectly.

Why am I telling you this?  On the previous blog the awesome greatness of God is proclaimed.  Today I want to encourage you by telling you that this awesome God, knows you by name.

Herewith the words to the song:

I come to sing a new song to You
I come to bring You praise
I came to bow in worship my Lord
For You are holy

You laid the earth’s foundation
You set the stars in place
You fill the clouds with rain
And yet You know my name

The storms howl out Your greatness
The lightning writes Your name
You set a limit for the sea
And yet You know me

You are holy, holy
Holy is the Lord Most High
You are worthy, worthy
Worthy is the Lord Most High

Come let’s sing a new song to Him
Come let’s give Him praise
Lift your voices high
For He is holy
copyright: Hilda Steyn

Lift your voice today and worship our awesome God, for He knows you by your name.  He knows how many hair you have on your head.  He knows what you are going through, what you are feeling and what you need.  Just let go and let God!


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