In God’s Arms


There is a song that keeps mulling around in my head the whole day.  You know when start singing the same song over and over again and it just won’t go away?  Well today it is like that.  I can’t remember the words of the whole song, but the part that I keep singing is this:

Sometimes I just need to be still
Knowing You will, reveal Your heart to me
Sometime I just need to lay back
Knowing You’ll take me back
To lean against You again
And sometimes I just need to go hide
In Your bosom so wide
Take me to the place where I’ll find true love
Father let me hold on to you
Let me hold on to you
(written by Miri van Wyk)

Beautiful words.  Make it your own today.  Lean against God and let Him reveal His heart to you.  Just be still and listen.  Praying is not a one way conversation.  Sometimes we need to be still so that we can hear God’s whisper.


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