What will be remembered


Somewhere in March I blogged with a heading “The Epitaph”.  Two days ago I blogged about the funeral I attended.  My mind is still stuck there.

When I think of Miet (the woman that was buried), I see her dancing in worship.  That is the first thing that comes to my mind every time I think of her.  And all the people I spoke to about her agree.  That is what we will remember.

It scared me.  What will people remember about me?  I am honest if I say I am to afraid to ask, so don’t answer.  Have you thought about that?  What memory will you leave behind?  Will it be a good one?

This is serious food for thought.


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  1. I am the man who conducted the funeral ,and I too pondered on this issue many times. Would people remember me for good or bad or would they not want to remember me at all?Dear Heavenly Father, may I once again commit my life to You and will You please help me to live my life like Jesus would have? Help me that when people get to know me, they would get to know You too !


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