I was at a funeral today.  Not because I wanted to go, but because I had to go.  Not because it was somebody close to me being buried, but because I was the pianist.

It’s hard sitting up there looking down on these people who are weeping so bitterly.  Every time I can’t help myself, I weep with them.  Not because of my loss, but because of their loss.

The pastor who did the memorial service is my brother.  Years ago he promised God that he would never let an opportunity to evangelize people slip through his fingers.  And he doesn’t.  He keeps his promise.  On every funeral I have attended with him, he preached the gospel on a funeral.  And today again he told the people straight – “if you want to see this woman again, sort your life out and walk a road with Jesus”.  You see, the woman who died is surely now dancing in front of God’s throne.  My strongest memory I have of her, is her dancing in church in worship to God.  It must be amazing.

If I should die before my brother does, he must do my memorial service and preach the gospel, exactly like he did today.  Two thirds of the church got up to give their hearts to Jesus.  I think it would be very cool if people would get born again on my funeral.  Not that I want to die soon!  Don’t get me wrong.

I want to get old with my husband if Jesus doesn’t come before then.  But we can’t plan so far ahead, now can we?  So are you ready to die?  Do you know where you are going if you should die tonight?  Will your loved ones have hope of seeing you again?


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