I had a flat tyre last night on the way home.  Again.  Due to a pothole.  Again.  Worst part is this – I drive to the left of this pothole every day.  I know exactly where it is.  Last night however, I got distracted and went right through it.  Tyre scrapped – can’t even be repaired for a spare wheel.

Life is like that too you know.  We see these potholes in our life and we try to steer away from them.  Potholes like a place you shouldn’t visit.  Potholes that people you know you should rather not social with.  A person you know you should rather not have a relationship with.  Things you are tempted to do but know you should rather not.

And then one day, the devil distracts you just enough to hit the pothole.  The Bible says he comes to us as the angel of light – with other words, what you were avoiding before now suddenly doesn’t look so bad anymore.  You may be tempted to just investigate a little.  Just have one or two visits.  Just go to see what it is like.  Just see what the person is really like.  Just try and see if the relationship will work.  Etc, etc, etc.

Flat tyre.  That is what you are going to end up with.  A flat tyre in your spiritual life and you will need help to get going again.  You will need someone to help you up and walk a road with you to recovery.

Now tell me, is it really worth it?

If you feel the slightest discomfort about something or someone – Holy Spirit is warning you.

Focus.  Look where you are driving.  Avoid the potholes.


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